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Have you completed your annual evacuation training and exercise?

Have you done your annual evacuation exercise and training?

It's time to schedule an appointment for your annual evacuation procedure training and exercise! Don't delay!

Don't worry, P.M.U. Québec applies all public health regulations and rules in force. Social distancing will be put in place to ensure safe training and the health of all our customers.

Training in evacuation procedures

The training of supervisory personnel, contained in the evacuation flowchart, is mandatory when implementing or updating a fire safety plan in accordance with C.N.P.I.


  • Training lasting from two to four hours.

  • Explanation of your evacuation procedures, the roles, and responsibilities of supervisory personnel, and what to do in the event of an incident.

Training manual for each participant including :

  1. human behavior in the event of a fire alarm

  2. identification of your building's fire protection systems

  3. general company emergency measures

  4. strategic outdoor locations in the event of evacuation

  5. a step-by-step description of each evacuation role

  6. evacuation organigram

  7. company training certificate

Evacuation exercises

Evacuation exercises: the National Fire Code requires all buildings applicable to section, except those with vulnerable occupancies, to carry out an annual evacuation exercise.

During an evacuation exercise, you'll have the chance to put your fire safety and emergency measures plan into practice, raise awareness among your employees and occupants, and identify weaknesses and shortcomings so you can make improvements where necessary.

PMU Quebec is ready to accompany and supervise your evacuation exercise, as well as update your existing fire safety plan if required.

Contact us today for a free estimate or for more information.

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The entire PMU Québec team,

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