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Training, exercise and scenarios

Training on evacuation procedures

The training of supervisory staff, contained in the evacuation flowchart, is required during the implantation or update of a fire safety plan according to the standard C.N.P.I.

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Training on emergency measures for seniors

Training for your residents on procedures to be followed during an evacuation in accordance with the “Supplement to the Handbook on the prevention of fire” including the evacuation of the residences.

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Training on the handling of portable fire extinguishers

Interactive training on the use of portable extinguishers on real fire is an advantage for the safety of your staff in the outbreak of a fire.

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First response team training

The training dedicated to your first response team is essential when you want to manage your interventions internally. The establishment of a first response team is mandatory in all buildings having a double signal fire alarm system.

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Emergency scenario

Emergency scenarios are beneficial to your employees because they allow integrating the theoretical training on your fire safety plan and emergency measure in more concrete terms.

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Fire Drill

The evacuation exercise is required in all buildings. This obligation is part of the requirements of the national Code of fire according to section 2.8.3.

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Formation extincteurs
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Emergency Measures Planning

Fire safety plan and emergency measures

A fire safety and emergency measures plan is a combined document, which provides occupants with information on prevention, organization and intervention activities following the start of an incident according to the common hazards of occupation use.

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Crisis management plan

Once evacuated and in a safe place, the emergency is not over. So take advantage of our expertise with your management to plan to end the crisis by including your different departments. With our crisis management plan, you will be able to plan your human and material resources in order to limit corporate damage.

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Civil Security Plan

Mandatory for Quebec cities and municipalities, our civil protection plan includes the preparation, intervention and recovery phases. The plan allows the municipality to have the tools necessary to be able to respond to the various hazards identified during the vulnerability study.

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Health measures plan

A health measures plan is a detailed document dealing with all aspects of health security in relation to a given building or event. It constitutes a reference manual specifying the health measures to be taken to ensure the protection of workers.

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Risk analysis

Risk analysis is an undeniable advantage in the assessment process with regard to site compliance. The resulting report will be used to develop a priority list in order to comply with the fire prevention regulations in force in your municipality.

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Vulnerability study

The study presents the vulnerabilities to which the organization is exposed and makes it possible to determine the risks, both internal and external, which may affect it. With our vulnerability study, in conjunction with the Hazards of the Ministry of Public Security, you will be able to visualize the most likely risks to affect your organization.

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Environmental emergency plan (PUE)

According to federal regulations, when a hazardous material is used at high levels, the organization must design a specific emergency plan for this material.

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Other emergency plans

We have all the necessary expertise to produce different specific emergency plans such as:

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Displays and plans

Evacuation plan

An evacuation plan is a display informing the occupants of a building of the measures to be taken in case of an emergency evacuation. It serves to the orientation of the firefighters in case of an intervention. We must find at least one evacuation plan by ‘floor area’ under the National Code of fire article

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Displays showing areas protected by sprinkler systems

An 11″ x 17″ display to identify the zones protected by each sprinkler system. These displays are very useful for your municipal fire department in the event of a fire.

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A document allowing quick access to the emergency procedures in place simplifying the task of the Coordinator.

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Gathering point, Siamese, directions and more

Various displays to identify your point of gathering, identification of the siamese connectors and other components are available.

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Formations, exercices et scénarios
Production d’affiches et de plans
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