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A $10,000 partnership and involvement from PMU Québec

Manon De Maisonneuve, Volunteer Coordinator and Nathalie Savoie, General Manager, House of Palliative Care Source Bleue, Pascal Parent, President and Jean-Pierre Lacombe, Director of Operations and Emergency Measures, PMU Québec

Boucherville, December 5, 2022—It is with enormous gratitude that the members of the General Management team at Source Bleue Palliative Care Home and the Source Bleue Foundation thank Mr. Pascal Parent, President of PMU Quebec, for his generous donation of an emergency measures plan for the entire facility.

“Emergency management is such a vast and complex field that the reasonable assurance of having planned for everything and being well-prepared for every eventuality seems impossible.

Structuring a coherent overall plan requires more than the good will of each one of us; it requires the contribution of experts. Such a challenge includes the inspection of building equipment and recommendations, the complete production of site descriptions and emergency procedures, and staff training including evacuation drills.

For Source Bleue house, the implementation and up-to-date maintenance of such a plan is an essential prerequisite for obtaining MSSS accreditation. This much-needed donation from Pascal Parent, President of PMU Quebec, not only represents a sum of $10,000, but more than that, it enables the entire team to appreciate the feeling of safety, and who knows, maybe one day, to save lives”.

- Réjean Moreau, former Executive Director, Maison de care palliatives Source Bleue

“It's a pleasure to give generously of our time to help our community. The mission of Maison Source Bleue makes a big difference in our society. It ensures precious care for adults at the end of life.

When the heart speaks, the mind listens''.

– Pascal Parent, president PMU Québec

About the Home of Palliative Care Source Blue

Source Bleue Home is a private, non-profit organization whose mission is to welcome adults at the end of life, free of charge, and provide them with the best specialized care and services. With an annual budget of $3.2 million, approximately 50% of which comes from the Ministry of Health, the Source Bleue Foundation is responsible for finding the remaining $1.6 million annually. La Source Bleue serves all towns in the Montérégie region. With its 16 rooms, it is one of the largest in Quebec.

Source: Sylvie Bouchard, Executive Director

Fondation Source Bleue, 450 641-3165 poste 253

About PMU Quebec

Efficient emergency measures for companies and organizations wishing to keep abreast of current legal requirements. Our team of certified experts makes us the leader in emergency measures in Quebec. In fact, we are recognized for the quality of our work and, above all, for the implementation of emergency measures, employee and resident training, certifications and approvals of all kinds, by our customers, our peers and all decision-makers in the field of civil protection.

Source : Pascal Parent, President

PMU Québec, 450 845-3366 poste 248



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