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PMU Quebec




Since 2007, PMU Quebec is the largest company in the province dedicated to developing emergency procedures tailored to your specific needs.


The PMU Academy is a high-level training center based out of our facilities. Consult the schedule of our training available in person or through videoconference.
Consult all of our emergency measures services. We have all the expertise necessary to help you comply with the requirements in the event of preparation, intervention and recovery.
We have a complete portfolio of practical and theoretical training. For each of our services we strive to integrate your plan among your available human resources.
We produce all kinds of regulatory posters. That these are wall evacuation plans to the tools necessary in crisis management and civil security. All our products are made in our workshop in Quebec


Since its foundation in 2007, PMU Québec as given itself the mission to develop effective tools in emergency measures for companies and organizations wishing to be at the forefront of the legal requirements in force. Our team of certified experts makes us the leader in emergency measures in Quebec. Indeed, we are recognized for the quality of our work and especially for the implementation of emergency measures, training for employees and residents, certifications and approvals of all kinds. This recognition not only comes from our clients and peers but from the aggregate of decision-makers in the field of civil security as well.

While maintaining a global vision and a spirit of innovation, PMU Québec advocate relationships based on trust and fairness, with the ultimate aim to offer a quality service.

The company’s primary values:

  • Professionalism

  • Honesty

  • Innovation

  • Integrity

  • Customer orientation

  • Responsibility

  • Transparency


Since we offer several services based on legal requirements, we will accompany you through the updates of the standards required or suggested by the different levels of authorities.

PMU Québec is the largest company in the province dedicated to the development of emergency procedures tailored to your specific needs. We have the expertise needed to serve you, no matter your situation and your location.

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